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July 16, 2012

Chocolate-Drizzled Nuts with Sea Salt

Chocolate-Drizzled Nuts with Sea Salt

I pulled this recipe from the November 2010 Real Simple magazine holiday party food special.
Obviously, it's been sitting in my recipe file for quite awhile!

I'm always on the lookout for simple desserts, and this is one I knew would go over really well.
I don't make desserts that often, so when I do it's pretty special.

This is one of the fastest desserts ever, and we're really enjoying the leftovers still today.
This could also be served as a snack or alongside other appetizers.

To make, I spread 2 cups of lightly salted roasted nuts on a baking sheet.
Technically it's supposed to be a parchment-lined baking sheet, but I got ahead of myself.

Then I melted semi-sweet chocolate chips in a small glass bowl and drizzled it over the nuts.
Ignore the large clumps of chocolate!

I then sprinkled the nuts with flaky sea salt and set the baking sheet in the refrigerator while we ate dinner.

15 minutes later I pulled out the baking sheet and transferred the nuts to a bowl.
Of course, we all loved the nuts.

Store the leftovers in a storage container with a tight lid.

Double click to print as a 5x7 recipe card.


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