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October 12, 2011

Poblano Chicken

Toyi's Poblano Chicken

Ever have an epic fail in the kitchen? 
This recipe is one of mine (one of many).
My friend Toyi shared it with our cooking club a couple of years ago and I made it for my crew.

Here are Toyi and Jose Luis at their daughter's baby shower 5 years ago.

I followed Toyi's recipe and no one else in my family liked it.
David didn't care for the rich sauce and the boys didn't like the peppers.
So, I modified it and served it again.
Everyone liked it this time.
And my modifications made it a simpler dish.

We discovered poblanos when we lived in Mexico.
If you remove the seeds and veins from the peppers they're flavorful without being hot.
I love them and they really make this dish, giving lots of flavor to the chicken.
You can find them in any grocery store.
My Mexican friends either roast the peppers and peel off the skin, or boil them.  I've done both.  Boiling is faster and in this dish you don't miss the roasted flavor.

I season chicken tenders with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.
Then I cook them in a little olive oil in a skillet until they're browned on both sides and almost cooked through.

I clean the peppers and cut off the tops and remove the veins and seeds. 
Then I slice them the same size as the tenders and boil them for a few minutes until they're tender.

In a blender I blend Mexican crema, Worcestershire, 1/4 of a pepper, and bouillon.
Mexican cream is in the dairy section and is similar to sour cream, but thinner.

Then I layer the chicken breasts, sauce, cheese, and peppers in a 9x13 baking dish.

In this photo I have more cheese on top, but having the peppers on the very top makes it easier for my boys to remove them before eating and not lose out on the sauce and cheese!

Cook at 375* for 15 minutes and serve.

I believe I have shared this before but this is the cheese that I use most often.
Chihuahua cheese is mild and melts well so it's great for enchiladas, quesadillas, etc.
I buy it at Wal-Mart, right next to the Crema.

Double click the card to print as a 5x7 recipe card.

Buen Provecho!

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  1. This is what I want tonight for dinner...I wonder if I can talk Trip into going to the grocery for me on his way home from New Orleans......


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