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July 16, 2012

Almond Miso Dip

Almond Miso Dip

The June 2012 Vegetarian Times had an article on helping kids eat more raw vegetables, especially as snacks.  They included three healthy dips that might make crudite time more palatable for kids. 

I made the first of these dips this weekend.

Thomas and Brennan do well with raw vegetables, so I don't think they necessarily need a dip to be enticed to eat them with dinner, but a yummy dip never hurts!

I was really surprised how well they liked this dip.
Brennan declared it "the best dip he's ever had". 

So there you go.  Ringing endorsement.

Right off I have to say this version was technically "Peanut Miso Dip" because we were out of Almond Butter.  It worked really well with the peanut butter.  I think it would be great with almond or cashew butter as well.

I mixed the dip up in a small saucepan.

I heated natural apple juice, then added in miso, dissolving it well.  Then I stirred in the peanut butter, and put some in a small bowl for each of us. 

That night we had yellow peppers, carrot sticks, and daikon radish with dinner - they all worked great with this dip. 

David thought the carrots were best. 

Brennan doesn't like bell peppers, but I asked him to try the pepper with this dip, seeing if it made a difference.  It didn't.  Peppers are still on his short list of foods he won't eat, and that's OK.

And still plenty leftover for snacks and lunch the next day.

I will say that this is not a dip I'd want to eat everyday, but it apparently is a hit with kids, or at least the ones in our house!

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