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August 11, 2012

Tofu Bites Orange Dipping Sauce

Tofu Bites Orange Dipping Sauce

I shared Sandy's Tofu Bites on the blog awhile back. 
I really love this versatile little dish and make it every couple of weeks.

Awhile back I made it but didn't have any bbq or other sauce to go with it, other than soy sauce.  The family agreed they prefer it with a good dipping sauce!

Then I stumbled upon another recipe for this same dish, but with an orange-maple sauce, so we tried it.  The boys loved it.

You simply mix up 1/3 c maple syrup and 2/3 c orange juice to dip your tofu bites into.
I think it would be even better if the juice was reduced so it was a little thicker - which would also take the chill off!

But the flavors were great and it made for a fun change.

Hardly a need for a new recipe card, but I'll include one here, along with the original Tofu Bites recipe card. 


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