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January 29, 2012

Time-Crunched Tilapia Piccata

Biggest Loser
Time-Crunched Tilapia Piccata

Everyone in my family loves tilapia. 
I always keep a bag of frozen tilapia single-servings in the freezer.

I saw this recipe (again) in the Biggest Loser cookbook I've been cooking from lately and tested it on the family yesterday for lunch.

It was a great lunch that everyone really enjoyed.

I took thawed and patted dry tilapia fillets and placed them in a large skillet.
I seasoned them with a touch of salt & pepper and cooked them for 4 minutes on each side on medium-high heat. 

If you want your fish to stay in-tact and look better than mine, then only flipped them once.
I flipped them repeatedly until I had a golden brown outside on both sides. 
Of course - they started falling apart on me, but they tasted great!

While they were cooking I melted 1 Tbsp margarine (the cookbook recommends a buttery spread but I didn't have it). 
I added minced garlic and lemon juice to the margarine.

I then transferred the fish to a serving dish and drizzled the garlic-lemon mixture on top and topped with capers.

Everyone really loved this recipe, and it was so easy.

Double click on card to print as a 5x7 recipe.

Eat More Fish!

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