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January 26, 2012

Mexican Tabbouleh

Biggest Loser
Mexican Tabbouleh

I'm working my way through the Biggest Loser cookbook that I received for Christmas, sharing the recipes that we liked.

Bear with me as I continue making my way through the book!

Last night I made Mexican Tabbouleh (also spelled Tabbouli or Taboule).
It sounded like a variation we would really like.

Tabbouleh is bulgur wheat that is usually mixed with parsley and tomatoes - it's originally Middle Eastern.

You start by cooking Tabbouleh on the stove top and then putting the pot in the refrigerator to cool the grains to room temperature.

I did not see plain bulgur wheat in the store so I opted for two boxes of Taboule Mix and used 1 of the 2 spice packets.  It worked perfectly.

While it was cooling I chopped cilantro and garlic and put them in my serving dish.

Then added black beans, lime juice, salsa, and the cooled Tabbouleh.

I served it with spicy roasted shrimp and a little extra salsa on the top.

Brennan said it was better than Chipotle's black beans and rice - high praise!
A side note on salsa:  I don't like raw onions and my boys don't like raw tomatoes. 
Just about every packaged salsa has chunks of both. 
So for this recipe I popped the fresh salsa in the blender for a few seconds and it was perfect. 
I think I'll do this going forward!

The Biggest Loser cookbook recommends using fresh refrigerated salsa instead of jarred because it has a fresher taste and it uses many fewer preservatives. 
This is what I picked up (only the Medium version).

Double click to print as a 5x7 recipe card.

I don't know whether to say:

بالهنا والشفا


Buen Provecho!

Either way -

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