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December 14, 2011



Last year at Christmas my mom made a delicious batch of Glühwein for our family.
This weekend our Wine Club was over so I made it for everyone.

When I was young we lived in Germany.  In the 7th grade my class took a trip to Nürnberg at Christmas and we visited the Christkindlmarkt (outdoor Christmas market).  There I saw this huge batch of Glühwein for sale by the mug to adults needing a hot toddy while they shopped. 

While it didn't look delicious then, I think it would hit the spot now on a snowy December shopping day outdoors in Germany!

Glühwein is also known as Mulled Wine.
It's served warm and can be garnished with a cinnamon stick or thin slice of orange.

I made a double batch last weekend and it was just about gone.

Here is the recipe for the single batch.

You heat water in a pan and add the cinnamon sticks, honey, and spices.

Then you cut the orange in 8ths and poke the cloves in and add to your pan.
Add the wine and heat to almost boiling then remove from the heat.

Once it's cool enough to taste, check for sweetness and add sugar to your liking.
I added 1 Tbsp and stirred it to dissolve completely.

Mine was simmering so could be served in mugs or glasses.

Note:  I did not have whole clove so I used ground gloves.  They don't dissolve well so I will use the whole clove next time.


  1. Our friends visit Germany nearly every year during the Christmas season and visit the Christkindlmarkt. I have several ornaments that they've bought for me on my tree. Kate tells me about drinking Gluhwein and once made some for me. I love this stuff and am printing your recipe right now!

  2. What kind of red wine do you use?


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