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June 1, 2012

Baked Fish with Carrot and Leek Puree

Gillian McKeith's
Baked Fish with Carrot and Leek Puree

Last week I bought a leek on impulse, and realized last night I needed to use it soon.
I found this recipe in my new You Are What You Eat cookbook by Gillian McKeith and thought I'd try it out since I had all the other ingredients on hand!

I started by cleaning and chopping 4 carrots and a leek.
In case you weren't aware, leeks are very dirty inside so they need to be cut open lengthwise and rinsed well.
Then I added a vegetable bouillon cube.

I buy this brand at Kroger, and really like it.

I just barely covered the vegetables with boiling water, then let it simmer with the top on for 10 minutes or so, until the carrots were tender.

Then I pureed the vegetables and broth using my handy handheld blender ("soup puree-er" Brennan calls it).  My mom got me this for Christmas a couple of years ago and I love it.

At the same time I seasoned tilapia with salt and pepper and cooked it at 400* until flaky - about 10 minutes.

Then I cooked frozen garden peas in boiling water for about 3 minutes.

I drained them, reserving 1 Tbsp of the liquid, and tossed the peas with olive oil and cleaned, chopped fresh mint.  Thomas would like me to point out that he went outside in the rain to pick the mint from our pots.  Such a helper.

I seasoned the peas with a little Kosher salt and black pepper, then I smashed the pea mixture up a little with the back on my spatula.

To plate the dish you place some of the carrot and leek puree on the plate. 
Then lay a piece of fish on top, then top off with your peas.

I was really surprised with how well this dish went over. 
The carrot and leek puree was really delicate and flavorful.
Everyone in my family loves tilapia, so I knew that would be an easy sell.
And the peas were really tasty.
No leftovers at all!

Double click to print as a 5x7 recipe card.


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