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November 19, 2012

Corn and Chickpea Patties

Corn and Chickpea Patties

I had my first chickpea patty when I took healthy cooking classes with Sandy, Healthy Coach and Natural Foods Chef.  They were delicious.
I found several other recipes that were similar and I tried one of them recently - and they were super dry.  There wasn't enough dip to make them palatable.
Chickpea Patties are also known as "croquettes" and "burgers".
Tonight I made Sandy's version, and they were so much better!
I cooked frozen corn and chopped onion in olive oil, then combined the vegetables with corn meal, bread crumbs, herbs, and spices with just a few pulses of the food processor.

I knew immediately that these were going to be moist.

Here is my last iteration.  Waaaay too dry.

Once the ingredients were pulsed just to combine, I formed them into patties, dusted them with cornmeal, and heated them for a few minutes on both sides in the same oiled pan I used to cook the onions and corn, spraying on just a little more oil.
I served them with a Greek yogurt and herb dipping sauce, and delicious!
Double click to print as a 5x7 recipe card.

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