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June 27, 2013

Sweet Pea Paula's Beer Margaritas

Sweet Pea Paula's Beer Margaritas

Paula shared her Beer Margarita recipe with me a couple of years ago, and I tucked it away with all of the other recipes that I'm attempting to get to.  Slowly, but surely. 
We had friends over to sit by the pool sit on the screened in porch and watch the thunderstorm and enjoy some tamales together this week.

I knew it would be a great time to try out Paula's recipe.

What I liked about this simple beverage, besides the fact that you can make up a pitcher ahead of time, is that it is smooth, and slightly sweet.  Without that tartness of sweet and sour that hits the back of my throat in other margaritas.  This one is almost too smooth.  Really good, and I will certainly make it again.

You mix a beer (I used a bottle of Corona), a 20 oz Sprite, frozen limeade concentrate, and then half of the limeade container filled with tequila.  Combine and refrigerate.  Stir before serving.  Run a lime wedge around a cup, dip in margarita salt and add crushed ice and Beer Margaritas.
We all loved it.  Some chose to add a couple of lime wedges to theirs to up the tartness.  I will certainly make this recipe again and again.  Perfect for out by the pool on a hot summer day!
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  1. I wish I had one right now! Those margaritas are irresistible.

  2. I love Paula! This recipe looks refreshing, Bonnie. I hope you're having a great summer!



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